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ARIS Global Game Jam 2015

Organise your own ARIS game jam! Join the ARIS community to build, play, and experiment as part of a two-day ARIS mobile game jam. Are you a storyteller who wants to explore mobile media? An educator who wants to explore gaming? An artist who wants to produce a new generation of locative media? All are invited!
You may find all available information here.

Code RED final event (Parma, Italy)

You may download the program of the event here (only in Italian).

A simple version of the agenda, with links to the given presentations, follows:

14:15 – Welcome and registration (Staff AECA)
14:30 – Welcome message and introduction to the agenda (Prof. Giovanni Brunazzi, Principal Liceo Giacomo Ulivi
Gaetana Ariu, Responsible for Code RED Project, AECA)
14:45 – Let’s meet our Partners, via Skype connection

  • from Nottingham, Matthew Bates, NTU University (download presentation)
  • from Athens, Maria Saridaki, University of Athens (view presentation)
  • from Cyprus, George Milis, GM EuroCY Innovations (download presentation)
  • from Birmingham, Terry Yarnall – Shirley Parsonage, Greenhat Interactive (download presentation)
    16:00 – Let’s try the 4 Code RED serious games
    17:00 – Online feedback collection and discussion
    17:30 – A light Code RED buffet (By iVET EnAIP Parma Students of the cooking course)

  • Code RED Final Event (Cyprus)

    19 September 2015

    Latsia Municipality, 57 Avenue Giannou Kranidioti, Latsia, Cyprus

    Picture of Latsia Municipality building, from outside

    What is Code RED?
    The Europe 2020 strategy identifies drop out from i-VET or early school leaving (ESL) as a key challenge to meeting employment targets. High rates of ESL are detrimental to making lifelong learning a reality and increase the risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. ESL is over-represented among pupils with disabilities (61%), emotional/behavioural problems and migrants.

    Code RED is an exciting European project that has been developed in response to these high levels of early school leaving and drop-out and exclusion from education that often lead to unemployment, poverty and social deprivation. The project aims at working with these groups of students who are particularly at risk of exclusion from education or drop out. Therefore, the main aim of the project is to take actions towards addressing the high proportion of drop-out from i-VET (vocational and educational training).

    Final local stakeholders’ event
    EuroCy Innovations Ltd, in cooperation with all Code RED partners, is organising an event for Cyprus stakeholders, with no participation cost, on Saturday 19 September, at 09:00-14:00, in Latsia Municipality, 57 Avenue Giannou Kranidioti. A light lunch and networking will follow after the end of the event’s program.

    During the project’s lifetime, a lot of work has been carried out together with young people, for the production of digital games, a complete written curriculum focusing on employability skills, tools and methodologies for their empowerment and their attraction to education. At the event, the following products of the project will be demonstrated:

  • Educational games
  • Location-based games for iOS mobile devices
  • Games for desktops and Android mobile devices
  • Curriculum – it has been created through dedicated workshops together with young people, during the project
  • The Code RED games co-design methodology
  • The Code RED i-Learning environment
  • All products are accessible for free use here.

    Who is being targetted by the event?
    The event targets: i) teachers of all levels and types of education and especially the ones working with young adults towards the reduction of early school leaving, ii) students and young adults interested to explore other means of acquiring employability skills, iii) other interested people and organisations, e.g., decision making bodies related to education, social partners, etc. No special knowledge is required for the participation at the event.

    Event program:
    09:00 – Registration and coffee
    09:15 – Introduction and information about Code RED – (George Milis , EuroCy Innovations Ltd)
    09:25 – The (educational) games co-design methodology – (Dr Matthew Bates, Nottingham Trent University, video presentation) – Download (pdf, ppt)
    09:45 – The Code RED Curriculum and the i-Learning environment – (George Milis, EuroCy Innovations Ltd) – Download (pdf, pptx)
    10:25 – Experiences from applying the methodology in Parma, Italy – (Gaetana Ariu, AECA, Italy, live skype presentation) – Download (pdf, pptx)
    10:45 – An introduction to location-based games – (Maria Saridaki, University of Athens, video presentation) – Download (ppsx, with voice embedded)
    10:55 – Coffee break
    11:20 – Interactive session – Demonstration of games (all participants with the support of the organisers)
    The games will be demonstrated in a separate table each. Twenty five minuted will be devoted to each game.
    12:00 – Open discussion about adoption of the products in real education environments
    13:00 – Light lunch and networking
    14:00 – Closing of event

    Certificate of participation:
    All participants will receive a certificate for their participation to the event, on behalf of the Code RED project.

    Registration procedure
    In order to support us with the organisation of the logistics, please, contact us to confirm your intention to attend, by sending an email to the address , mentioning your name, and the organisation you represent (where applicable). Please, do not hesitate to contact us at the same email address should any further clarifications are required.

    We will be very glad to welcoming you there!

    A Code RED “course” devoted to Teachers and Trainers to enhance the participatory game design

    Una breve ma intensa formazione-formatori concluderà le attività del progetto Code RED in Italia. Impegnerà circa 25 insegnanti e formatori delle scuole secondarie e dei Centri di formazione professionale che incontrano studenti a rischio di disimpegno e dispersione.

    Quattro incontri, in combinazione con l’evento finale di Code RED, per un totale di 15 ore, di cui 3 ore di formazione a distanza saranno dedicati all’apprendimento cooperativo, alla progettazione partecipata di giochi, nonché ai principi e strumenti di project management per il sistema dell’education. Una sezione specifica sarà dedicata alla presentazione ed al test di casi concreti.

    Il corso sarà ospitato dal Liceo Giacomo Ulivi di Parma ed animato da esperti impegnati nel progetto Code RED fin dall’inizio.

    Final Code RED stakeholder event in Greece

    A Greek Final Code RED Stakeholder event will take place as part of the Art in Education Conference, invited by the The Institute of Educational Policy at Onassis Cultural Centre, on 3rd of October 2015. The final stakeholder event will take place as a workshop in order to present the co-design methodology of the project and allow participants to use and evaluate its various outcomes.

    Skype Presentation at the annual ARIS Summit 2015

    ARIS Summit 2015 took place in Madison, WI USA on July 7, 2015 as part of the Playful Learning Summit and the Games+Learning+Society conference and brought a lively and creative community together to the UW Madison’s Memorial Union. Maria Saridaki and Eleni Kolovou were invited to give a skype presentation. More than 60 people attended our skype presentation when we presented the use of ARIS in European projects, discussed Code RED project and how locative games can be used to support motivational co-design methodologies. Code RED project and our designed games, were also invited by the ARIS creators to be featured in ARIS page.

    EuroCy meets with Italian students from FOMAL, in Paphos, Cyprus


    A group of Italian students and their Teacher, Prof. Irene Lucisano, from FOMAL, an iVET Centre associated with AECA, visited Paphos (Cyprus) last month (July 2015) to attend their Erasmus transnational trainsheep at Alexander the Great Hotel.

    Interestingly, these students are not any students, but they comprise the Italian piloting group of Code RED! So, a meeting was organised between the Italian group and the Code RED partner from Cyprus, to let people know each other and exchange opportunities and opinions about the ongoing piloting experience. The Italian children strongly asked for having this meeting: they are passionate in game creation and they need to share their feelings and ideas or problems with “colleagues” elsewhere in Europe.

    Therefore, George Milis from EuroCy joined them on a Wednesday afternoon, during their spare time, thus breaking the geographical barriers between the teams! The meeting was fruitful and interesting for everybody. In fact, Code RED partners are committed to further exploring the development of future interesting projects, in order to establish cooperation between the teams and, why not, achieve the creation of a common game by unique groups of children, placed in different geographical locations!

    Code RED Stakeholders and Products’ Launch Event (UK, Birmingham)

    On the 1st July 2015, the Code RED project held its Final Product Launch Event for Stakeholders, which aimed to introduce the project outcomes (training material and educational games) to key stakeholders, as well as a wider audience. The event was organised by the local partner Greenhat Interactive Ltd, and held at the Renewal Centre in Solihull, UK.

    A number of key people were invited from the Code RED target groups of stakeholders, ranging from teachers and trainers in iVET and mainstream schools, children and young adults, education councillors, career service agents, and decision makers, etc., and a wide range of them attended from key agencies and schools within the area. The event was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, as well as by teachers from Italy. In total, the event counted 26 participants.

    The day was introduced by David Brown (professor of social inclusion at Nottingham Trent University) who welcomed the participants and outlined the objectives of the project and the purpose of the event, and summarised the project outcomes. There followed an interesting presentation by Maria Saridaki from the University of Athens, introducing the concept of ‘location based games’.

    The main part of the event enabled people to have hands-on experience with the games developed in the project. The participants were split into four groups, each one sitting around a table playing one of the four Code RED games. The teams had 15 minutes at each table to try all of the games. On each table they were welcomed and supported by young people who introduced and demonstrated the game and then allowed participants to play and gave them the opportunity to give immediate feedback as they played the games, by writing on a paper tablecloth.

    The event was closed by George Milis of EuroCy Innovations, Cyprus, who introduced the Code RED i-Learning environment and the full training curriculum that was developed in Code RED alongside the serious games.

    The overall response from the participants was extremely positive and meetings are currently being arranged with individuals who wish to adopt and use the games within their organisations’ usual business! You may find HERE the agenda of the event, as well as downloadable versions of the given presentations. You can experience the fun atmosphere of the event by navigating through the image gallery below!

    GHI-CodeRED stakeholder participants 3 GHI CodeRED - stakerholder mtg participants 1 GHI CodeRED - stakeholder mtg video recording GHI CodeRED - Stakeholder mtg participants GHI CodeRED stakeholder - project staff discussing project GHI CodeRED stakeholder paricipants 4-edited GHI CodeRED stakeholder participants 2

    Product launch and stakeholders event (UK)

    The Code RED project aims to re-engage young people not in education, employment or training.

    Greenhat Interactive and the Code RED partners have held a free Stakeholder event on Wednesday 1st July at the Christian Renewal Centre, Lode Lane, Solihull B91 2JR, Birmingham – 10 – 12, followed by free lunch and networking.

    Work has been done with young people to develop games, a curriculum, tools and methods to empower and engage them in education.

    At the event, the project outcomes and products have been demonstrated:

    • Games
      • Smartphone ‘location based’ street games
      • Skills awareness games
    • Curriculum – developed by our co-design workshops with young people.
    • The Code RED game making co-design methodology

    The products and curriculum are freely accessible and available to download and use.

    The event has been attended by young people who are or at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), as well as individuals and organisations living or working with them! It was a great pleasure meeting the participants and finding out together how these games and resources can help bring about engagement in learning with an employment focus.

    Beyond physical presence, a big part of the event was broadcasted live (and now can be watched) through the channel:


    Program of the event and published presentations
    10:00 – Registration and Coffee

    10:10 – Introduction of the project and partners – Professor David Brown (Nottingham Trent University) (Download slides in pdf)

    10:20 – Introduction to the location-based games – Maria Saridaki (Univeristy of Athens) (Download slides in pdf)

    10:25 – Interactive Session – Games Demonstration (Nottingham Trent University, University of Athens)

    There will be 4 tables with young people demonstrating each game. You will have 15 minutes to try each game.

    11:45 – Code RED Curriculum and i-Learning platform – George Millis (EuroCy Innovations Ltd) (Download slides in pdf)

    12:00 Lunch and Networking

    13:00 – Event Closes

    Code RED project opens a communication and cooperation channel with the PRINT STEM Erasmus+ project

    PRINT STEM (Pedagogical Resources IN Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is an Erasmus + KA2 EU funded project partnered by IT, UK, PL, ES, TR, GR and CZ organizations lead by a Technical Secondary School from Parma. The kickoff meeting was held in January 2015 in Fidenza, Parma (IT).
    Thanks to the previous relations with a VET Agency, local Partner and Stakeholder of Code RED project, we will share outcomes and lessons learned and possibly have cross-fertlization through witnesses and discussions in round tables an public events.
    The project goal is to develope programmes and associated devices for replicable use of 3D printers to innovate the experimental teaching of mathematics and science in Secondary Schools, fostering interest and motivation towards these subjects.
    It focuses on children at risk of disengagement from scientific education and on teachers in STEM disciplines and assumes new experimental approaches like interdisciplinary group of teachers and project work with pupils.
    Interesting areas of similarity with Code RED are envisaged and therefore a close relationship will be established.