Code RED Research and Stakeholders’ Needs Analysis Report

A picture showing a diagram with the EU percentages on early school leaving

Description:This report deals with the major characteristics of ESL (Early School Leaving) and disengagement from education at European level as well as separately in each country involved in Code RED. It details the main results achieved through the implementation of the methodological options pre-defined by the consortium through the Methodological Plan and then adopted to carry out the initial needs analysis and community network building phases within Code RED project WP2. Comprehensive statistical data collection has been carried by each partner and a European scenario has been depicted sourced from official datasets and repositories. Additional qualitative information collected through an in-depth methodological approach from the major local Stakeholders has allowed the project to specify and upgrade local context, but also to identify possible emerging trends and more effective ways to put the Code RED outputs into practice. The four countries involved in Code RED share a common basic education structure, that imply passing formal evaluation from the lower to the upper level of secondary school.

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