“Getting There” game

The screen of the getting there game, showing a red car on a street

Description:The player must steer the car avoiding the potholes, and collecting the repairs (tools icon). Each tool collected will trigger a multiple choice question. Answering the question correctly increases the score multiplier. Answering wrongly decreases the multiplier back to one. Crashing also results in a decrease in the multiplier. The aim is to reach the end with the highest score possible! The game is available in English, Italian and Greek.


Relevance to Code RED Curriculum content:
The Getting There game focuses on Dealing with feelings (self-control, self-esteem, anger and stress management), Employment Rights and Responsibilities, and Getting and keeping a job. These correspond to elements from the following parts of the Code RED Curriculum:

  • Unit 1 – Personal Development
  • Unit 2 – Personal Hygiene
  • Unit 4 – Work Preparation and Sustainability
  • Unit 5 – Keeping your Job
  • Unit 6 – Starting Work
  • The Windows version comes with a question editor, allowing trainers to edit question sets – or create completely new quizzes to use within the game.

    Type: Digital (educational) game with versions for Windows PC and Android devices.

    License terms: It can be used and distributed freely in education activities. Please, contact the creators for additional clarifications on different uses.

    Download: (Windows PC and Android version of game, and Windows PC version of Game Editor)

    Contact: Prof. David Brown (Nottingham Trent University) – codered@isrg.org.uk

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