“Got the Skills” game


Description:The “Got The Skills!” game is focused on developing an awareness of skills which are required for work. It intends to get the player to recognise different skills which they may have, and to understand which skills and traits will help them get and keep employment.


Relation to Code RED Curriculum content:The player learns about desirable skills and traits that they need for the workplace, and examples of how those traits might manifest themselves or be used in the workplace to their advantage. Elements of the following curriculum sections are addressed:

  • Unit 4 – Work preparation and sustainability
  • Unit 4.1- Looking for work: Getting to know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Unit 4.3 – Job interviews: The game provides scenarios that may be useful as examples of the use of particular skills that could be used in an interview scenario.
  • Unit 4.4 – Your rights and legislation: Some scenarios highlight rights of workers in the workplace
  • Unit 5 – Keeping your job – Scenarios highlight positive traits to demonstrate at work and gives examples of how to handle work situations well. Scenarios highlight aspects of appropriate language, behaviour, time keeping and commitment.
  • Unit 6 – Starting Work – Scenarios address working with others, responsibilities and managing your workload.
  • Type: Digital (educational) game for Windows PC and Android devices.

    License terms: It can be used and distributed freely in education activities. Please, contact the creators for additional clarifications on different uses.

    Download: All versions of games and the Game Editor can be downloaded here

    Contact: Prof. David Brown (Nottingham Trent University) – codered@isrg.org.uk

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