Code RED aims and objectives

The Europe 2020 strategy identifies drop out from i-VET or early school leaving (ESL) as a key challenge to meeting employment targets. High rates of ESL are detrimental to making lifelong learning a reality and increase the risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. ESL is over-represented among pupils with disabilities (61%), emotional/behavioural problems and migrants.

Code RED is an exciting European project that has been developed in response to these high levels of early school leaving and drop-out and exclusion from education that often lead to unemployment, poverty and social deprivation. The project aims at working with these groups of students who are particularly at risk of exclusion from education or drop out. Therefore, the main aim of the project is to take actions towards addressing the high proportion of drop-out from i-VET (vocational and educational training).

Details of the Code RED project:

Agreement No: UK/13/LLP-LdV/TOI-6781236283_803930819621051_1017676006_n

Type: LLP-Leonardo-Transfer of Innovation

Starting date: 01 Oct 2013

Duration: 24 months

Coordinator: Nottingham Trent University, Computing and Technology Team, School of Science & Technology, College of Science, Clifton Campus, Clifton Lane, Nottingham, NG11 8NS

You may find information about the whole consortium here.