Expected Outcomes

Following the process of co-design of games with the end-users, the Code RED project will produce, in summary:

  • Two (2) desktop interactive learning resources
  • Two (2) mobile interactive learning resources
  • An employability curriculum that includes a skill-set in basic computer games design
  • An accessible project website
  • A trainers’ handbook

The above short-term tangible outcomes, as well as, the long term expected impact of the project are analysed in the following:

Short-term tangible outcomes
The project will take a variety of actions which collectively are expected to produce the following tangible outcomes:

  • A suite of two (2) PC games (using a games authoring environment for flexible content and language translation)
  • A suite of two (2) mobile games, developed in a street-gaming methodology.

(The programming activity in the project provides innovative extended use of the Games Authoring Environment, for future use by computer programmers and an extension to e-learning pedagogical approaches that will influence ICT services)

  • An extended and enhanced employability curriculum (based on the current employability curriculum developed by the partner GreenHat Interactive).
  • A deployed e-learning platform, through which the employability curriculum will be delivered. This will serve as an additional resource for new pedagogical approaches for teachers in maintaining engagement of the target group and additional research and evidence for maintaining student engagement or their re-engagement strategies exploitation by education managers, teacher training organisations and policy influencers in education.
  • A skills set for low fidelity computer games design, delivered in a shared design facilitation workshop programme. The main impact of this activity will be the re-engagement into i-Vet of young people via a shared design facilitation approach, mapped against an accredited digital skills set to raise digital competences, communication skills, group problem solving skills.
  • An accessible project website to serve as the main source of information and products’ delivery tool.

Long-term impact

  • The editing tools will allow for learning content to be edited to meet the need of any sector requiring increased skills in communication, digital skills or pre-vocational skills, thereby time-proofing the project outputs.
  • Increasing key competencies in communication and group working skills, digital skills and employability and, thereby employment opportunities for other target groups beyond young people in i-VET.
  • Employers in all sectors and their workforces and wider communities will benefit by a higher skilled workforce with transferrable skills in communication, group problem solving and working in a team
  • Increased digital, design and pre-vocational skills. The workforces and wider communities will benefit by higher skilled and more engaged workforces, with better social and behavioural skills and increased digital and pre-vocational skills.
  • Teachers, education managers and policy influencers and teacher training tutors will have research and evidence to change strategies to improve the engagement of vulnerable young people in i-VET and will have an additional curriculum and e-learning and games-based learning resources.